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Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will learn through examples and build the most commonly used transactions in Kuber Playground.

What you'll need


Build transactions using Kuber Playground. Kuber uses JSON format to build transactions. In the tutorial, we will use Preview Testnet to learn the transaction building process. Follow the steps below to setup your wallet and Kuber Playground.

  1. Switch your wallet's network to Preview Testnet (Settings>Network)
  2. Go to Testnet Faucet, choose preview testnet and use the recieve address to request some ADA.
  3. Select Network in the Kuber Playground to Preview Testnet.

After you have received some ADA, you can use Kuber Playground to build transactions following the tutorial. DO NOT forget to switch the network to Preview Testnet in Kuber Playground.

The demo transactions are being made from a wallet with address addr_test1qzxy4jj7mmhsduucuwhgshylgj0qyejdyv4wkrecvzexneqjzg9nt7t234jvlen7e9qdwkdjmxdptz7eun3473kf5qfqty8avj unless specified otherwise.

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