Kuber is an online plyaground for composing transactions in Cardano. Cardano Users can make transactions conveniently such as sending Ada/token to multiple addresses, minting tokens, etc. It can used by developers for compiling script easily without having to configure plutus setup on their own device, developers can avoid the arduous work of fixing the dependencies and can have their script ready in just couple of minutes.

UI overview

When you open Kuber Playground in your browser, you have to first have connect to a wallet and then you will see the following UI sections:

  1. Transaction Builder - Build transactions using JSON format This is located in the right side of the screen, on the lower tab.
  2. Utilities - Utilities for converting between various formats You will find utilities to compose and decompose addresses, to generate policy id from a script and to encode and decode Hex data.
  3. Plutus Compiler - Compile Plutus Script You can compile Plutus Script to generate the script and scriptHash which will be displayed in the lower console tab.


The documentation is further divided into 3 sections:

  1. Tutorials - Learn by examples
  2. API Reference - Understand the Syntax of Kuber
  3. Utilities - Learn about the utilities in Kuber Playground
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